Benton County has become a leading retail center for Northwest Arkansas as well as northeast Oklahoma and southwest Missouri. The Bentonville Area Communities are business friendly and supports strategic, planned economic growth. The unemployment rate for Benton County is 3.5 percent, and many of its major employers include Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., county and city governments, school districts, J.B. Hunt, Tyson Foods, retail stores and the healthcare industry.

The Bentonville area is the perfect place to experience all four seasons. Warm, sunny summers, crisp yet moderate winters and spectacular springs and falls will fill your senses with color.

July average temperature: High 89/Low 66 degrees
January average temperature: High 44/Low 22 degrees
Average Relative Humidity: 55-60 percent
Rainfall: 45.7 inches annually

Cost of Living
The cost of living index for northwest Arkansas is 94 percent, compared to the national average of 100 percent.

Economic Profile
The economy of Northwest Arkansas remains strong for many reasons. The region is home to Walmart Stores, Inc., J.B. Hunt, and several other major logistics and transportation companies, along with Tyson Foods, the University of Arkansas and six major health centers. The key to the vibrancy of any economy is job creation; create new jobs and population will follow. Today the region experiences a consistent population growth.

According to the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, Benton County is the collecting pool for a three-state labor shed. Each day, workers from northeast Oklahoma, southeast Kansas, southwest Missouri and surrounding counties in Arkansas commute to Benton County for employment. As our region grows with the hard infrastructure of highways, streets, commercial and retail centers it is also growing the soft infrastructure of the arts, entertainment, museums, recreation facilities and sports.

Northwest Arkansas also offers a respite for retirees who move here for the low property taxes and the scenic splendor of abundant lakes, golf courses and easy lifestyle in Bella Vista and along the shores of Beaver Lake. All in all, Northwest Arkansas is a diverse, economically sound, safe and affordable Mecca.

Cities By the Numbers

Founded: 1836
County: Benton
City Population: 51,516 (2017)
Change: +94% (since 2000)
Regional Population: 529,495 (2017)
Area Code: 479
Zip Codes: 72712, 72716
GPS Coordinates: 36 22’0” N, 94 12’48” W
Elevation: 1,296 feet
Land Area: 21.2 square miles
Median Household Income: $62,923
Median House/Condo Value: $219,235 (Sales Price)
Median Rent: $794
Cost of Living Index: 92.1 (100=National Avg)
Median Age: 32.8
Hotels: 22
Total Lodging Rooms: 2,001
Restaurants/Eating Establishments: 190
A&P Tax Collections Lodging: $708,508 (Jan–Nov 2015)
A&P Tax Collections Dining: $1,280,929 (Jan–Nov 2015)
Regional Airport Traffic: 1.196 million (Jan–Nov 2015)
Average Annual Rainfall: 45.7 inches
Average Temperatures: 86.7° F Summer, 51.9° F Winter (Benton Co.)

City Population: 29,510 (2017)
Median Household Income: $61,008
Median House/Condo Value: $186,415
Median Rent: $885
Median Age: 52
Zip Codes: 72714, 72715
Area Code: 479

City Population: 11,390 (2017)
Median Household Income: $61,575
Median House/Condo Value: $132,774
Median Rent: $723
Median Age: 30.3
Zip Code: 72719
Area Code: 479

City Population: 7,216 (2017)
Median Household Income: $52,649
Median House/Condo Value: $142,658
Median Rent: $683
Median Age: 35.1
Zip Code: 72751
Area Code: 479