NWA Technology Summit


Nearly 800 techies and business professionals converged in Rogers on Tuesday (Nov. 10) to learn more about how technology is reshaping the future of everything from fashion to automobiles.

“We are living in the age of Gutenberg,” said Jon Stine, global director of sales and strategy for Intel, and one of the presenters at the NWA Technology Conference held by the Bentonville-Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce.
Stine said just as Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized the printing industry in the 15th Century, “today more than ever we are living in a time of inflection points … where technologies, social change and political change and business change are all bouncing off one another.”

Continuing, he said: “We are living in a time when in a year or so two or three bright individuals in a room in Berlin, a garage in Silicon Valley or perhaps a high school class in Rogers, Arkansas, is going to develop some application or technology that is going to rock our world. It will be.”

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