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We are a membership organization that helps create jobs, community experiences, and meaningful change in our community to move Bentonville forward for all. Our members, both local and national, are invested in creating a 21st century community by strengthening our 21st century economy.

Benefits for Business Owners


Connection is at the heart of what we do. With our networking opportunities, your business can make invaluable connections to help your business succeed.


Your membership is a direct investment in the health of our business community. With our cornerstone events, your business has the opportunity to reach our large captive audience.


Simply put, we work for you. We advocate for positive change in our economy to strengthen you and champion your success.


Innovation & technology deeply intertwined in the fabric of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. Bentonville is no longer the retail capital; it’s the innovation capital of the Heartland.


Your investment in us is an investment in your team’s growth and success – with professional development and education opportunities that keep you informed and connected with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Your business is our business. We have a trained staff ready to help your business succeed – whether it be advertising opportunities, notarization, or seals for import & export.

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Join a community of over 1,000 local businesses and national brands

Your membership is an investment in the continued success of the Heartland and its entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every member is a direct invest in our work to build a sustainable economy for all.

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Continually ranked as one of the best places to live in the nation

As a Fortune 1 city, Bentonville is home to world-class amenities and resources that make it the clear choice for entrepreneurs & families alike.

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