Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Influencer Campaign; Aimed to Attract 21st Century Entrepreneurs & Workforce

Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Influencer Campaign; Aimed to Attract 21st Century Entrepreneurs & Workforce

BENTONVILLE, AR – The Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce has launched a new economic development marketing campaign.  This project is leveraging influencers in key areas to showcase Bentonville’s investments in distinct quality of place in order to attract industry and talent, build the Bentonville brand and accelerate relocation of targeted industry sectors to Bentonville. The campaign will focus on influencers in Arts/Culture/Music, Cycling, Culinary, Tech/Investment/Business and Health/Wellness. Professional staff at the chamber will develop custom itineraries of curated experiences that leverage key relationships to showcase activities, amenities and the distinct quality of place of Bentonville.

“It is time to turn up the volume nationally on the unique experiences found in Bentonville and amplify the opportunity a high-quality life and a low cost of living present to entrepreneurs, industry leaders, remote workers and a future talent.” says Graham Cobb, President & CEO of the Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce. 

This capacity is made possible through a grant from the Walton Family Foundation at the recommendation of Steuart Walton and Tom Walton and will allow the Chamber to continue to build a world class team, help build our 21st Century Community and bring value to an evolving 21st Century Economy.

In this current hyper-mobile economic era, the talent needed to drive the world’s most successful companies can live and work anywhere. As the cost of living on the coasts becomes ever more prohibitive to talent and businesses alike, Bentonville’s value to thought leaders and economic drivers strengthens. Research, however, indicates that many outside the region still know little or, worse, hold misguided impressions and attitudes about Northwest Arkansas.

Findings from the BecauseBentonville campaign and images from the #BecauseBentonville on Instagram, demonstrate that the Bentonville community has a unique story to tell about the quality of life and unique experiences enjoyed by its citizens. Talent and industry attraction are integral to economic success; and, the highest performing businesses and leaders place a premium on high level, unique experiences. This, along with an approachable cost of living, positions Bentonville as a magnet in a 21st Century Economy.

Given restrictions on travel and events, the Chamber has evolved the first phase of this project to take advantage of increased focus on influencer channels, contracting with influencers to promote activities in these target sectors on their channels. Content for the project will be produced specifically as well as repurposed from community partners to showcase Bentonville’s unique proposition as the place to grow a business and family.